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It's been a while.. Jul. 15th, 2013 @ 01:36 am
It's been a while since I wrote anything.. life recently has taken a turn for the better.. almost a downpour of good things.. I have had a flood of awesome people that are great to be around. My coworkers and friends are all beautiful, wonderful people. All of which I would love to have more personal relationship with. And best of all, the woman of my dreams of which I have been with for almost a decade now.. I just am more attracted to and love more everyday. Everyday now is one step closer to the life I have always wanted and needed..

Under the stars.. Apr. 15th, 2009 @ 09:10 pm
As I find myself too exhausted to take another step.. I laid down under this tree. When my head came to rest on it's roots and my eyes reach the sky.. I curse these stars. I could extinguish them all with the nothing that I feel inside me, all around me, that I am.... I pray I never wake from this slumber that im slipping into. Let me stay in my dream, until I can wake to that dream as a reality..

. ... .. . Apr. 15th, 2009 @ 10:52 am
... .

Hostage Apr. 12th, 2009 @ 03:27 pm
Even now almost 5 months past. Im still plagued by nightmares of that fukking bastard did to me, the woman I love the mother of my children, my brother his love and several close friends.. Even worse now in the hardest darkest most trying time of my life. More fuel is added to the fire of this sad machine. By nightmares of when we were held hostage at gunpoint. When my own brother was forced to tie me up. I had the chance to do something.. Why didnt i? I should have done more... To protect my friends.. To protect my family, brother and love of my life... At least then he would have got what he deserved. And i would have been leagaly absolved of killing that prick.. Why didnt i.?...

...Meh.. Dec. 28th, 2008 @ 05:44 pm
-=Prozium prevents my sense offense of being: Meh
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» Here is a link to the media about my hostage situation
Link to the media about my Hostage situation.
Here is a link to the story

» I was held hostage and ment to be killed execution style for xmas.
First off the story can be found at fox5atlanta.com Well, the night of the 21st and into the 22nd I was held hostage by some asshat who just felt like robbing us. Myself, Robyn, Dustin, and his 5 month pregnant girlfriend Kristine were relaxing in the living room when someone knocked on the door, we asked who it was and they responded with a friends name. Kristine went to answer the door and as soon as she had it open this fuck kicked the door in on her cracking two ribs bruising her lung and then elbowed her in the face knocking her down and twisting her knee. He then walked her up the stairs with a gun to the back of her head. He told us to all get up and get into the dining room corner. He demanded all our cell phones, keys, and anything of value in our pockets. After doing so he told us to turn around and get on the ground. He got Dustin up and told him to tie us up, Dustin replied, "With what? I don't have anything". The guy told him he had better find something. He had Dustin start gathering the XBOX 360 cause he knew we had one, Rock Band cause he knew we had that as well, along with many other things. All the while gathering AV cables, original XBOX controllers, and anything else he could find to tie us up. After about an hour, a car pulled in the driveway. He demanded Dustin to identify the two people on the Jeep. He said it was my brother Kevin and his girlfriend Lauren. All I wanted was to warn him, I wasn't even thinking about getting help. I just wanted to keep them out of the house and out of harm. But with this guy waving a gun to the back of our heads there was nothing I could do. He got Dustin on the ground and waited for my brother and his gf to enter. As soon as both were in the house he slamed the door and put the gun to the back of my brothers head and with the other hand a knife to his face. He told him to get his gf and get over in the corner with the others. Myself and Dustin had to call out to him to tell him,"Listen to what he says and do it, this is for real". When he got over to us the guy would switch between Dustin and Kevin, having them gather our belongings for him. He then instructed Kevin and Dustin to tie us up with what he had found. My own brother had to tie me up, and Dustin had to tie up his own pregnant gf. Lastly he had Dustin tie up Kevin. He had Dustin then take everything out to his SUV, making several trips to get his payload. After about 3 1/2 hours this guy gave us all our last cig, and said,"Me and Dustin are going for a little ride, don't move, don't talk, we'll be right back". He blindfolded Dustin and loaded him into his own SUV and then took off in it. As soon as we heard his SUV start we all struggled to get loose. I ran and grabbed a machete and hid behind the front door waiting to see if he would come to check on us before he left. He didn't and we heard the SUV back out the driveway and take off. As soon as I had seen the gun when this all started I tried to shove my phone under the couch, and luckily no one had called. So I dashed for the couch and there it was. I snatched it up and called 911, while the others looked for other phones or keys that he might have missed. Lauren found her keys and so we all ran to her Jeep and packed in. My brother tossed me the keys and said,"I'm running to Marks parents house to get help". I jumped in the Jeep and took off to my own parents house about 5-10 min away all the while describing what had happened along with Dustins SUV explaining this guy had kidnapped him and left. Thankfully an officer spotted the SUV and had a short chase. The guy jumped out and pointed the gun at the officer and charged him. The officer opened fire and hit him once, then ran up to him and apparently tased him as well. We have been on all the local news stations, papers, and even talk radio since. This asshole got everything of value as well as xmas presents that we had received as well as had purchased for others... A fund has been set up in our favor thru the Bank Of America named he Thompson Mill Hostage Fund, to help us recover from our losses.

» Is anybody out there?
Posting of various pics of my baby girl to follow fairly soon..
If anyone even uses this thing anymore.


» Stole frum Casey.
» Legally drinking for the first time ever!
Today has been a fairly good day.
I am now 21 years of age, and i'm over at mai parents house fukken stuffed and just waiting for Robyn to get off of work. Well, i'm gonna go lan around with my brothers.


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